Building Confidence

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December 11, 2017

There are many benefits of being apart of the SOS Competition team, Firstly it builds confidence,  it builds on their strength and technique but it also teaches many other things such as how to work well in a group and how to support each other, they become a really close and beautiful group of friends and I myself can see that it is unlike any other friendships she has, they learn pride and they also learn organisation. I have our daughter help me prepare and get costumes ready, I find her often writing lists and double checking. Among all those positive things, they learn out to hold their heads high and keep going and take the highs with the lows, they learn how to get back up when they fall, and do it together!! You see their excitement when they put the uniform and you know the decision you have made is the right one, dancing in a competition team most importantly guides them on a path of self discovery, commitment, loyalty, dedication and consistency, and hard work pays off all great life skills we want our children t o have. The SOS uniform stands out in a crowd too, bright and bold!