What our lovely parents have to say about starz on stage

My daughter is the happiest she has ever been

My daughter has only recently started with Starz on Stage and from day 1 we have felt very welcome.  My daughter is the happiest she has ever been after dance class and she has been to a few different schools since beginning dancing 6 years ago.  I am also very impressed at how much my daughter is remembering her dances once she’s at home, definitely a credit to the teaching staff.  We had our first “showcase concert experience” last week and it was a beautiful show.  All dancers were equally included in the routines no matter their skill level and the dances are very tasteful and age appropriate.  Couldn’t be happier with Starz on Stage and am looking forward to many years of dancing there to come!!

Kim Crouch July 7, 2016

Starz on Stage definitely exceeds any of my expectations

As a parent the most important thing to me is to see my child happy. After several years of dancing in the Maitland area we made the decision at the beginning of 2016 to join Starz On Stage. After 2 terms of dancing I have never seen my daughter so confident & happy with her dancing. I know she truly loves it when after 1.5hrs of dancing she tells me it feels like she has been there for 5 minutes. Alisha & her teachers have truly inspired my daughter – I am so excited to see this passion that SOS has ignited in her. Starz on Stage definitely exceeds any of my expectations & would highly recommend it to anyone.

Natalie Hutton July 7, 2016

Confidence to shine not only on the stage

This is my daughters fourth year of dancing with Miss Alisha at Starz on Stage Talent Academy. Four years ago I had a shy and anxious little girl who I struggled to even get into her classes! Now four years on, and after three years of private lessons with Miss Alisha, I have an 8 year old who has the confidence to shine not only on the stage, but in all aspects of her life. Starz on Stage Talent Academy provide so much more than just ‘dance’ lessons. Miss Alisha and her staff instill positive values, discipline, poise and help to nurture beautiful friendships that form amongst the children. Miss Alisha and the staff at Starz on Stage Talent Academy have given my little girl a love for dance and performing…for that I am incredibly grateful.

Erin Thompson July 7, 2016

Accommodates everyone in every way

Thank you to Miss Alisha and teacher for a fantastic start to the year. We are in our 6th year of dancing with Starz on Stage and could not be happier. My three girls have learnt not only to dance but have made some life long friends and it has built their confidence in more ways than I can explain.  Alisha tries to accommodate everyone in every way she can. Her professionalism and passion never ceases to amaze me. I can not recommend Starz on stage highly enough. Thank you for everything you do and for making my three little dancers into the dancers they are today!

Renay MacLeod July 7, 2016

Tiny tots class has done much more than introduce her to dancing

My nearly 3 year old daughter started at SOS about 8 weeks ago in the tiny tots class. At first she was a bit apprehensive however now due to the continued support of Miss Alisha she loves it and is excited to go each week. The tiny tots class has done much more than introduce her to dancing. She is learning to actively listen, wait her turn, socialise and most of all have fun with her new friend!

Lindsey Stace July 7, 2016

Confidence has sky-rocketed

My daughter started dancing at Starz on Stage mid 2014. She was 2 years old at the time and really enjoyed music and dancing so we decided to start her in classes. Since then her confidence has sky-rocketed. She loves her friends and teachers and we couldn’t be prouder of how hard she works at practicing and learning. She has developed great leadership skills this year as she is now one of the older tiny-tots and loves to help the younger kids. I have been blown away by the dedication of all the Starz teachers, but especially by Miss Alisha who is a truly wonderful teacher and friend to all her students. She truly goes above and beyond to make all the children feel special and ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. She is always happy to help and does a wonderful job. I am truly glad I chose Starz on Stage and wouldn’t dream of sending my daughter anywhere else. An amazing studio and dance family!

Cara Jones July 7, 2016

It really is like a family

Starz on Stage Talent Academy is not just a fantastic performing arts school it really is like a family. Principal Miss Alisha and all her wonderful staff provide a caring and nurturing environment for children to blossom. Since joining Starz on Stage 2 1/2 years ago Charlotte has grown unbelievably as a dancer and performer. We are blown away by her technique, stage presence and confidence that has definitely transcended her school and day to day life. The latest Mid Year Showcase was phenomenal! Somehow they just keep getting better and better!! Cannot wait to see what you have in stall for us at the end of year Concert Spectacular!

Erin Halverson July 7, 2016

Very organised and very approachable

My daughter Tanylle looks forward to every dance day , every competition and what little girl doesn’t love getting dressed up. We love the uniforms and I have noticed how great they stand out at competitions, they create a great sense of pride and the dancers are very proud to wear it. The showcase is amazing and the end of year concert in a word is “Spectacular”  very enjoyable to watch all the dancers making event fun and memorable. Tanylle has gained so much confidence and is able to apply that to other skills in life. The owner Miss Alisha is very organised and very approachable, the teachers are very helpful and great with the kids and the senior dancers are also great with the younger ones, and willing to lend a hand.

Tanylle has made some beautiful friends here as well and so has mum, we look forward to dancing and we love the competitions. She loved it so much that one dance class was not enough for her. She practises at home all the time and her technique and skill is getting better and better, if she had her way she would live at the studio!!

I highly recommend Starz on Stage Talent Academy to any family who wants to send their children to a dance school that has professional instructors that teach the dancers the correct techniques and I know that my daughter absolutely loves it and has lots of fun.

Malissa Fishburn July 7, 2016

Dance is her passion

My daughter started at starz on stage in 2006. She was an extremely shy child, who would not talk to anyone and didn’t like stand out in the crowd, over the years, her confidence in herself and her dance ability has grown. Alisha and SOS has truly changed the life of my child. Dance is her passion. She is a member of the SOS competition team, competes in solo dance eistedfods/competitions and was coached to successfully get a spot at a performing arts school. When I first put my girl into dance class I NEVER would have imagined that she would embrace it the way that she has, I credit this the friendly, professional atmosphere at SOS, the enthusiasm and passion that is shown by Alisha and her team, filters through to the children and they try to be the best they can be.

The professional tuition that has been offered at SOS has my daughter at a high level of standard amongst her competition.Alisha is extremely approachable and does her best to ensure that everyone is accommodated and happy, she is extremely organised and information is given well in advance, the communication methods are easy to understand and up with the times.  Most of all it is a friendly studio, with focus on a doing your best, but having fun.

Nicole Butler July 7, 2016

More Confident – More Outgoing

“Issy is more confident and outgoing and her abilities have improved out of site. You can see her beaming with confidence on stage and in her everyday life. She loves to dance and has a passion to perfect every move. It’s been fantastic for her to grow and develop her personality and create new friendships with other children her age”

Katrina Ryl December 11, 2017

Building Confidence

There are many benefits of being apart of the SOS Competition team, Firstly it builds confidence,  it builds on their strength and technique but it also teaches many other things such as how to work well in a group and how to support each other, they become a really close and beautiful group of friends and I myself can see that it is unlike any other friendships she has, they learn pride and they also learn organisation. I have our daughter help me prepare and get costumes ready, I find her often writing lists and double checking. Among all those positive things, they learn out to hold their heads high and keep going and take the highs with the lows, they learn how to get back up when they fall, and do it together!! You see their excitement when they put the uniform and you know the decision you have made is the right one, dancing in a competition team most importantly guides them on a path of self discovery, commitment, loyalty, dedication and consistency, and hard work pays off all great life skills we want our children t o have. The SOS uniform stands out in a crowd too, bright and bold!

December 11, 2017

Support for each other

Being part of a competition team teaches children how to be a team player, how to support each other & to strive to do their best as a team. It teaches them to have a strong sense of commitment, that hard work pays off & to be a respectful competitor & to have good sportsmanship. It definitely builds confidence & also teaches children to have pride in themselves & others. It’s not all about winning or loosing at competitions it’s about doing the best performance they can & enjoying the day with friends. Little friendships are formed from their love of dance, which is beautiful to see.
When I see my daughter’s face light up on the stage, & her smiling…I know that she’s happy & loves every minute of being part of her competition team & that is enough for me.

December 11, 2017