Dance is her passion

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July 7, 2016

My daughter started at starz on stage in 2006. She was an extremely shy child, who would not talk to anyone and didn’t like stand out in the crowd, over the years, her confidence in herself and her dance ability has grown. Alisha and SOS has truly changed the life of my child. Dance is her passion. She is a member of the SOS competition team, competes in solo dance eistedfods/competitions and was coached to successfully get a spot at a performing arts school. When I first put my girl into dance class I NEVER would have imagined that she would embrace it the way that she has, I credit this the friendly, professional atmosphere at SOS, the enthusiasm and passion that is shown by Alisha and her team, filters through to the children and they try to be the best they can be.

The professional tuition that has been offered at SOS has my daughter at a high level of standard amongst her competition.Alisha is extremely approachable and does her best to ensure that everyone is accommodated and happy, she is extremely organised and information is given well in advance, the communication methods are easy to understand and up with the times.  Most of all it is a friendly studio, with focus on a doing your best, but having fun.

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