Studio Rules, Terms & Conditions

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  1. Students must be well groomed at all times, jewellery is not permitted to be worn at classes. Students must wear correct uniform & footwear to classes. School uniforms must not be worn to classes (including singing private lesson) under any circumstances.
  2. Students are to respect our studio, its cleanliness, keep belongings neat + tidy & food scraps in the bins provided. We ask that elder students take pride in their personal hygiene.
  3. If a student will be absent please notify teachers via email, phone or text before classes. All missed lessons must be paid for, in some cases make up lessons can be arranged if a child misses their class.
  4. Bullying is not tolerated. Parents, families & students must address teachers / principal in a respectful & friendly manner.
  5. It is important parents are aware that teaching / coaching may involve physical contact for correct placement.
  6. Parents & students must be respectful to our neighbours, keep noise to a minimum, do not park in their driveways & please leave promptly after class.
  7. Fees must be paid on time or late payment fees will incur. In the event fees are overdue, students may be asked to sit out of classes.
  8. Costume account must be paid by August 1st 2017. Costumes will not be purchased / made for students who have not paid.
  9. Students will not be permitted to dance / perform in the Showcase, or Concert if accounts are overdue.
  10. Parents, families and students are not to speak negatively about Starz on Stage, its teachers, directors or students. Please discuss any issue you may have with the company director only.
  11. Students enrolled at SOS are not permitted to dance/sing at another studio without prior consent from the principal.
  12. Students must attend all classes unless in the event they are ill. If a student is away and misses too much choreography it will effect their placement in the Showcase & end of year Concert. We ask that you do not plan family holidays / functions when students are required for classes, photo shoots or concerts. Check 2017 calendar and note all important dates in your diary or planner.
  13. World health organisation recommends children avoid contact for 48hours after infectious illness (i.e vomiting / diarrhoea)
  14. Parents are not permitted to watch classes unless a prior arrangement has been made with the company director.
  15. Students must be on their best behaviour at all times, any student found continually mis-behaving will have their parents phoned.
  16. It is understood that all students take classes at their own risk and no liability under any circumstances shall be taken by the principal or teachers for injury or loss of personal property (including 2nd hand shoes placed in the shoe box).
  17. Parents give Starz on Stage Talent Academy permission to use photos / videos taken of their child at classes / concerts / events for advertising purposes, including & not limited to Facebook, Instagram, newspapers, flyers & other media.
  18. If you choose to cease your enrolment at Starz on Stage in 2017, parents must notify the company director via email, or fees will be continue to be charged.
  19. If you are on Facebook please ask to join the private group: “Starz on stage parents & students” to keep up to date on all information. Communication is the key, parents must check their email or the front notice board at the studio on a weekly basis. Please read all newsletters carefully to avoid missing important information. The staff at SOS work hard on typing newsletters each week so parents can stay informed and always have plenty of notice of events & other information.
  20. Our fees are by the term regardless of how many weeks – weekly payers must pay full term amount prior to week 7 of term.
  21. In accordance with the fair trading Act there are NO refunds on costume, enrolment or term fees.
  22. To ensure continued enrolment at Starz on Stage, please pay your account on time.
  23. Overdue / unpaid accounts will be referred to our debt collection agency.

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